Tuesday, May 5, 2009


First and foremost, it looks like we're going to need some pretty serious ID to get across the border. We're taking our passports.

Last time we crossed, all we had were Alaska driver's licenses and were detained for a while until we convinced them that we were just ignorant Alaskans. I don't think it's a good idea to try that more than once.

We'll top off our sixty gallon tank in the Bellingham Washington area. It's the last sizeable U. S. city along the route.

When we drove up last summer, we were not allowed to bring certain fruit and vegetables across the border. Apples were forbidden, but I don't remember what else. I'll find out today and let you know.

I do know that you'll be sick of apples for a while if you do what we did and eat several at the border crossing to avoid throwing them in a garbage can, the only other alternative.

By the way: don't head North without a Milepost. You can generally find them in Northern Washington Costco's or at any Borders or Barnes and Noble bookstores. We bought our last one in Bellingham, and since we can't find it, will replace it today.

The Milepost has been published for more than fifty years, and covers every detail you'll need for a safe, anxiety-free trip to Alaska. Please trust me on this one.

Here's their website if you have time to order one ahead.


Next: I'll give you some info on the weather, and good sites to use for looking ahead at the forecasts along the route.

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