Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cache Creek and Cash

We found the only RV park in Cache Creek, the Brookside. Very nice, level, clean. A nice 10-15 minute hiking trail to a pond dammed by a beaver's home. Lots of waterfowl there.

More on the metric system:

Something you might want to pay close attention to is the difference between the metric and decimal systems.

When you see a speed limit sign that says 100 KMH in British Columbia, do not stomp on the gas right away. In our system, it is the equivalent of 62.5 MPH.

An easy way to keep things straight, short of constantly staring at the little numbers on your speedometer, is to subtract the zero from the speed limit, multiply by six and add one or two.

For example: 100 km/hr. - multiply 10 times 6 and add two = 62 MPH). Close enough to help you avoid a roadside chat with a six foot ten inch Canadian Mountie with no sense of humor, or a visit with a couple of Troopers disguised as a road construction crew with a radar gun, where you'll beg and plead that it isn't fair and that you were tricked....but enough about my experiences (years ago).

As to currency, a little more helpful detail: Our exchange rate of $1.14 yesterday translated into about $1.00 Canadian for .86 US.

The U. S. gallon of gas is 3.785 liters.

If you multiply 3.785 x 93.9 cents per liter you arrive at $3.55 per U. S. gallon. Multiplied by the .86 exchange rate, your actual cost per gallon is $3.06.

This number will get bigger as we go further north. Which we're about to do.

We are meeting some Juneau friends, Ken Hansen and his son-in-law Bob in Cache Creek. We'll caravan with them for a day or so.

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